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Find out about the different neighbourhood teams and how they work to support resident services

If you're a Gallions resident and would like to contact someone to discuss issues affecting you then please call 0300 123 1237.


Neighbourhoods Team – South Region

We have a team of Neighbourhood Services Officers, with a designated Officer for each neighbourhood.  They are the key point of contact for neighbourhood and tenancy matters.  The officers are responsible for:

  • Regular health and safety block inspections to make sure they are safe and comply with Health and Safety regulations
  • Dealing with all tenancy-related issues such as successions and other tenancy changes
  • Carrying out preliminary investigations into properties that may be abandoned or sub-let
  • Responding to low level anti-social behaviour    
  • Working with safer neighbourhood teams and external agencies to ensure safety of the estates.
Find out about Our Neighbourhood Services Officers

Neighbourhood Wardens

Our team of Neighbourhood Wardens patrol areas where residents have concerns about anti-social behaviour, gathering evidence and reviewing our CCTV systems.  The Warden team works closely with local Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams, exchanging information and attending regular meetings to discuss local issues and agree how to tackle the problems residents are reporting.

Our Waste Enforcement Wardens focus on tackling rubbish dumping, gathering evidence and holding residents accountable for inappropriate disposal of household waste. 

Antisocial Behaviour Officers

Our Antisocial Behaviour Officers tackle any serious antisocial behaviour cases, along  with cases of domestic abuse, hate crime and harassment. They work in partnership with a range of agencies, taking action for breach of tenancy and where necessary, progressing cases which require legal action for breach of tenancy.

If you would like to contact any member of our team to discuss issues which are affecting you, then please call us on 0300 123 1237.

Lettings South Team

This team is led by our New Residents’ Manager, who is responsible for managing the allocation of our empty properties, overseeing the introduction to new residents, and the rehousing of those residents within the regeneration area of Thamesmead.

New Residents Officers

To ensure that Gallions new residents have the support they need to sustain their tenancy, our New Residents Officers work with residents during the first 12 months of the tenancy, this includes:

  • Carrying out starter tenancy visits
  • Ensuring residents have contacted the benefits department and set up utilities
  • Providing extra visits and support to vulnerable residents
  • Carrying out mutual exchanges
  • Liaising with those residing in properties that are bought back

Lettings team

The team works with Local Authority partners, Bexley, Greenwich and Lewisham on nominations agreements and choice-based lettings schemes. The team includes:

Please note that  the way in which our nominations are provided means that Lettings Officers are not 'patch based'. Patch information is available for the New Residents Officers, and can be provided by our Housing Assistant, Thelma. 

Environmental Services Department ('Team Gallions')

Team Gallions works 365 days a year to help keep local neighbourhoods clean and tidy.

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